Pacman Inc has been in business 15+ years, same name,
same people with over 1,000,000 containers repaired.

Yes. Generally, a "repair" is just a swap of a broken part for a good part. We do not fabricate any parts or do any "sonic" or plastic welding to fix containers. We feel that plastic welding does not repair a container to the standard capacitites most facilities require in their containers.
We have Warehouses in Atlanta, Georgia and Detroit, Michigan.
Payment Terms: Standard payment terms are Net30. Pacman Packaging
All freight is on buyer. If you need help with finding a Shipping company, we can refer you to several good companies. (If you have containers/scrap to sell we can provide the pick up)
Yes, we pay THE most for your obsolete containers, send the truck and everything gets recycled. Take the proceeds as a credit for items you need or we send a check. See us at: for more details.