Pacman Inc has been in business 15+ years, same name,
same people with over 1,000,000 containers repaired.

Collapsible Container Sample. 45x48x34”: Ropak. In Stock.

Orbis, Ropak, Buckhorn, Xytec and Monoflo are all in stock. We only refurbish the containers to the highest specifications: Like new,[...]

Handtotes in all Sizes: Orbis, Buckhorn, Schaefer and Monoflo. In Stock.

Handtotes come in various sizes & design: Stackable, cross stackable & nestable are in stock.[...]

Pallets & Lids: Orbis, Buckhorn, Schaefer and Robinson. In stock.

Many sizes to choose from. Come in stackable, nestable and flexible. Top caps are available also.[...]

Collapsible Bulk Containers

Collapsible bins generally come in 32×30″, 45×48″ and 64×48″ based. We also stock all the hard to find 56”, 62″,[...]

Orbis 64x48x34″ Wing-Wall

Containers can be configured with an open side for easier access.[...]

Buckhorn 24x22x7” Hand tote

Sample hand tote, call us for more options. Come in stackable, nestable and cross stack. Reinforced and non reinforced bases.[...]

Container Lids.

Container lids come in both a light weight flexible and HD heavy versions.[...]

Orbis 45x48x50″ stacked

Containers stack when open or folded down into the closed position. Drop doors allow for easy removal of contents while[...]

Buckhorn 80x48x34″ – specialty sized containers.

Larger containers are available in 56″, 57″, 62″, 64″, 70″, 78″ and modified length bases. Call us for details.[...]

Orbis 45x48x50″ and 45x48x48″ – side by side

Container heights come in various options: Tub, 25″, 34″, 39″, 40″, 41″, 42″, 48″ and 50″. Please contact us to[...]

Pallet Lids.

Pallet lids come in various sizes, with or without buckles. Available in a lightweight flexible or HD heavy lid.[...]

Orbis 64x48x34″ with drop doors.

64×48″ based containers come with available drop doors on the 48″ or 64″ side.[...]

Orbis 32x30x34″ bin collapsed.

When not in use the containers collapse saving you valuable floor space and freight costs.[...]

Orbis 45×48″ nestable pallet ‘two feet’ version.

Heavy Duty Used Nestable Pallet. Known as the Convoy Pallet, 30,000 Static weight capacity, 4000lb Dynamic weight capacity. Available one[...]

Hand Tote lids.

Lids come in various sizes, makes & models. Generally you will see a flexible, lightweight type lid or a HD[...]

Orbis 32x30x34″ collapsible bin.

32×30″ based bins come in 25″ and 34″ heights.[...]

45×48″ Heavy Duty Stackable Pallet

Known as the Journey or Romeo Pallet. 30,000lb Static weight capacity, 4000lb Dynamic weight capacity. 442 pallets per truckload. The[...]

Ropak 45x48x34″ Container

45x48x34″ is the most commonly used bulk container. We have Orbis, Buckhorn, Ropack, Xytec & Monoflo in stock.[...]

Orbis 32x15x7″

Sample Hand Tote shown. Call for all sizes available.[...]

Orbis 45×48″ nestable pallet ‘one foot’ version

Heavy Duty Used Nestable Pallet. Known as the Convoy Pallet, 30,000 Static weight capacity, 4000lb Dynamic weight capacity. Available one[...]